Discover the RISE Roadshow Events – a series of captivating online sessions designed to empower your projects!

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into key themes driving sustainability. From Mineral Raw Materials to Bioenergy and Sustainable Building, to Forest Biomass and Circular Economy, each session promises invaluable insights.

Mark your calendars:

1. Mineral Raw Materials – May 29th, 2024 (3pm – 5pm CET)

2. Bioenergy and Sustainable Building – June 12th, 2024 (3pm – 5pm CET)

3. Forest Biomass and Circular Economy – June 26th, 2024 (3pm – 5pm CET)

At RISE Roadshow Events, seize the opportunity to showcase your company and expertise. Register now for the sessions most relevant to your field. Feel free to join multiple events to broaden your knowledge!

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